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How Businesses Can Benefit from Using GIS Technology

A GIS (Geographic Information System) assimilates hardware, software, and data for capturing, analyzing, managing, and exhibiting all systems of geographically referenced material. It allows the user to interpret, visualize, question and understand how data can reveal patterns, trends, and relationships in the form of charts, reports, globes, and maps. This helps companies increase efficiency, save money, improve communication, make better decisions, and improve recordkeeping.

Banking and Financial Institutions

Banking is an aggressive business. Brand recognition and market share is not enough to attract and maintain customers. To be more effective, banks, and other types of financial services organizations are utilizing GIS to help them better understand their data.

GIS allows an organization to do the following:

  • Improve operational performance and profitability by sharing knowledge based decision making across all departments.
  • Increase market understanding based on a common view of the businesses performance using geo-extended business processes and workflow.
  • Enhance understanding of customer interaction, economic conditions, and risk by using structural models centered on geography and geo-demographics.
  • Reduce business intricacy using a more precise analysis of practical market conditions.

By learning and using GIS banking and financial institutions can benefit greatly.


To tell a good story a journalist’s needs good data. With the help of GIS they are able to do the following:

  • Perform in depth research for articles.
  • Create pertinent graphic images that assist in telling captivating stories.
  • Manage distribution networks that target customer analytics, advertising campaigns, and both the general media outlets and social media networks.

The media depends on GIS to help keep the world up to date on what’s happening.

Real Estate

Real Estate is always about location. GIS plays a major role in the real estate market.

  • Large corporations such as PETCO, ARBY’s and just about every other chain retail store or restaurant depend on GIS to help them decide on the best location for their next establishment.
  • The data collect is used to create a map. The map allows the companies to evaluate the probability of success at each location, dependent upon the geo-demographics.
  • GIS saves both small and large companies, a lot of headaches and potential bankruptcy.

GIS (Geographic Information System) is a fantastic tool to have for small business or large organization to have at their disposal.

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